• Gawag

    SITREP 2015-02-28

    February 28, 2015 by Gawag

    Just did my second part of about the Blender texture baking with two models. I totally forgot how awesome that technique is!
    Had to re-figure-out that technique first. Haven't used that in years. The last time may have been with the old Blender 1.49 (before they redid the whole GUI).

    I also started two forum thread about my terrain change issues and the texture limit issue mentioned before.

    Maybe I should start doing materials and models for my not yet started RTS. I'm either coding C++ for my job, or coding C++ for school, or coding C++ for Urho stuff...
    Working more with Blender could be a nice change.

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  • Gawag

    SITREP 2015-02-27

    February 27, 2015 by Gawag

    My wiki activity has slowed down in the last week or so. I'm currently more busy with other stuff.

    But I wrote (or started) this page like three days ago. I should be able to finish that one in the next days and maybe start the two other topics I'm working on:

    • (real time) terrain editing: this gets in the HowTo area
    •,_Shaders_and_Techniques: I learned a bit about how shaders work with Urho and already extended the terrain shader to additionally use the alpha channel to get four splatting textures (see HowTo area).

    I'm also working on extending the terrain shader to six textures by using the combined colors (yellow, ma…

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