You can define and use own shader parameters like this:

Define the parameter in the material.xml: Edit

    <technique name="Techniques/skysphere.xml" />
    <parameter name="SunDir" value="0.64 0.64 0.64"/>
    <parameter name="SkyColor" value="0.9 0.5 0.5 1" />

Here I'm adding a Vector3/vec3 called SunDir and a RGBA color called SkyColor. Hint: there is no difference between RGB colors and Vector3/vec3 or between RGBA colors and Vector4/vec4, both are types with 3 respectively 4 floats.

In the Shader (here GLSL): Edit

// at the top above and outside all functions:
uniform vec3 cSunDir;
uniform vec4 cSkyColor;
void PS()    // the parameters can also be used in the vertex shader (VS())
  float sun_intensity=clamp(dot(vNormal,cSunDir),0.0,1.0);   // calculate a float with the dot product of the SunDir parameter and the vertex normal
  gl_FragColor=cSunColor*sun_intensity;                      // multiplying a vec4 / RGBA-Color with a float

In shaders the parameter names need to be preceded with a 'c'. See

See for an explanation of some of the shader functions.

You can also modify the parameters dynamically in you code:

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