Urho3D Wiki

Frequently Asked Questions about Urho3D.

1. What is Urho3D?[]

Urho3D is a free, lightweight, cross-platform, component based 3D and 2D game engine written in C++.

2. What Platforms does Urho3D support?[]

Currently Urho3D supports:

  • Windows [TODO: insert versions supported here]
  • Mac [TODO: intel based right?]
  • Linux
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Andriod (arm and x86) [TODO: what versions?]
  • iOS (32bit and 64bit) [TODO: what versions?]
  • HTML5 (a work in progress...)
  • Possibly coming soon: Windows Store (once Directx 11 renderer is completed)

3. What Licence is Urho3D under?[]

Urho3D is licensed under the MIT licence.

4. What programming languages does Urho3D support?[]

Urho3D supports C++, Anglescript, and Lua.

C++ has full access to the Urho3D api. For example, Anglescript and Lua are missing bindings to allow manipulating meshes as this is most suitability done in C++. Lua may also be missing some bindings that exist for Anglescript because Lua support was only recently supported.

5. Why is it called Urho3D?[]

Urho (Finnish for “hero” or “brave fighter”) was a legendary, tyrannical king among the fish. He always hunted without mercy. Sadly, he passed away on 6th November 2009. This engine was originally called Bofh3D (hinting at the covert goal of reimplementing the game BOFH: Servers under Siege in 3D, which still stands) but was renamed to Urho3D in his honor. For more of Urho’s legend, see also the music project http://www.mikseri.net/Urho/