Urho3D Wiki

USP is the first example game made for this wiki with the intend to show Urho3D in a bigger application. The samples shipped with Urho are focusing on specific feature and the "Ninja Snow War" game is quite minimalistic. This sample game shows how a simple but "complete" platformer game could be done (complete as in having all typical features, not as in having enough content as a typical full game would have).

The goal of the game is simply to collect all flags on each map. The time needed is measured and displayed so you could compete against other player.

USP is also my first bigger Urho project (a test and learning project so to say) and some things may be better done in a different way. The sample project may change over time as better ways to do stuff are found, like the basic tutorials code did too.

The normal project web page is at https://github.com/gawag/Urho-Sample-Platformer. You can download it from there, browse the source and see the project wiki. Project specific stuff (like ideas, history, tricks, ...) can be found in that wiki. The pages here in the Urho3D wiki should be mainly focused on either Urho specific or general (game) development stuff.

Like Urho USP is licensed under the MIT license. Some assets are Creative Commons licensed, see the wiki or the Readme.md in the project folder for details on all external assets, their licenses and authors.

Features of USP[]

with links to wiki articles covering each topic

Making of the Models[]

Every model has been completely done with Blender. The terrain and the purple mushroom like things in the first level have been mostly done with the sculpt tool, partly with using the Dyntopo feature. I also used vertex painting/colors to give the terrain different colors and brightnesses.


The white boxes (left side of the screenshot) are based on cube meshes (with bevel) and the columns (between middle and left side in the screenshot) on UV spheres with merged vertices to make them so cylinder-like but still keep a capsule-like look.


The rock model is based on an icosphere with a displace modifier and a subdivision surface with level 1. Also their material is classically baked with a diffuse, normal and specular map. It is quite similar made to the planet I made in the Blender tutorial: Shaders/Techniques shipped with Urho3D