Urho3D Wiki

My wiki activity has slowed down in the last week or so. I'm currently more busy with other stuff.

But I wrote (or started) this page http://urho3d.wikia.com/wiki/Blender_Techniques like three days ago. I should be able to finish that one in the next days and maybe start the two other topics I'm working on:

I'm also working on extending the terrain shader to six textures by using the combined colors (yellow, magenta and cyan) besides red, green and blue. It seems to work currently, but Urho has a texture limit and I haven't found out how to get around that. Maybe I'll start a forum thread about that...

After looking into those terrain things, I may start a real project like the simple real time strategy game I mentioned in my profile. That project would also need a GUI, so that could be my next focus point.

I also started writing a day-night-system. But that is not needed for the RTS.